Friday, May 19, 2006

Lee Asher VS. Magic Makers

Check out Lee's latest offer to better inform and educate magicians who may have not done 100% of their homework regarding their purchase of Ghost Kings DVD. This is one good way to combat knock-offs.

What: Trade-in plan for Ghost Kings DVD

Why: I want to swap your old copy of the Ghost Kings DVD with a brand new copy of the Asher Twist DVD because I feel the community should not settle for someone else’s fourth-rate attempt at my material. You deserve the best information possible.

I need your help.

I want the inferior product to disappear, and give you the real one in return.


When: Right now!!! There’s no time like the present, and this deal won’t last forever!

In my opinion, the Ghost Kings DVD is a mistake.

Mistakes are useful part of the ‘learning process’, but we usually overlook how important they really are. In many cases, we forget about the trials and tribulations it took throughout our learning process.

I forgive Magic Makers, and I’ve even spoken, in person, with Rob Stiff about this (in the Minneapolis Airport). We’ve both decided it’s ‘water under the bridge’.

But, in order for this never to happen again - I feel it’s my duty to help make the consumer more intelligent.

The key to being a smarter shopper is education.

Maybe it was an impulse buy, or it was a gift, either way you didn’t know the Ghost King DVD was a substandard product. You had no idea it was the Asher Twist taught without permission by another company.

Here is your opportunity to right a wrong...

Two major reasons why you should trade in your used Ghost Kings DVD for a brand new Asher Twist DVD right now:

1. The Asher Twist is a better product. My DVD has additional detailed instructions, extra bonus options, and my personal guarantee you will be satisfied. That certainly doesn’t come with the Ghost Kings.

2. Swap your copy because you want to encourage artists and creators who devote their lives to generating original innovative material. Intellectual property is valuable to you, and getting these Ghost Kings DVDs out of circulation shows your support.

There are a few magicians in this industry, as of right now, who will stand-up and help those who need it. I’m taking money out of my own pocket to ensure you’re given the opportunity to receive the proper information. I am even going to over deliver - Act now, and I will also give you my Diving Board Double PDF worth $12.95.

Please take the initiative and trade-in those inferior products for my proper ones immediately.

Again, I don’t mind taking a loss if it means you are receiving a better product.

Visit the link below for more information on how to swap your old copy of Ghost Kings for a brand new copy of the Asher Twist DVD today.

Don’t take my word for it...

By clicking on the link below, you will activate a player so that you may see the differences for yourself. It’s important that you click on the link, and that you decide for yourself.

Even if you don’t own the Ghost Kings DVD - please take the time to look.

Thank you for your time.

Speak with you all soon.


Lee Asher

P.S. I don’t know how long my offer will last? Take advantage of it right now...

Way to go, Lee! It almost makes me wish I had purchased Ghost Kings.



Blogger kotkin said...

Lee is a super cool guy. He does not deserve to deal with fuckers like that.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Gene Urban said...

Lee is a great thinker. We took the Fitch workshop together and I got to know his compulsive attention to detail.

12:23 AM  

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