Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pamela Anderson Roast Review

In a world full of political correct rhetoric, there’s only one thing that brings me hope and joy in this day and age: roasts. Roasts are the last vestiges of a world where people didn’t care about offending others, and boy is it refreshing (and a miracle) that they are still around.

Take, for example, the new Pamela Anderson Roast DVD, the newest offering from the folks at Comedy Central and M80. Let’s face it: Pamela Anderson is known for only one thing. Make that two things. If it weren’t for her bobbling DDs, no one would know who she is. And the best part is that she knows it. Deep down, she knows, and she’s a real good sport about it.

Jimmy Kimmel plays host and does a nice job getting things started and making the most serious viewer crack a smile or two, utilizing such lines as “Pam has screwed more musicians than Napster,” and “her love of horses is what attracted her to Tommy Lee,” and many others…

The first "star" out of the gate is Greg Giraldo from Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, who spends more time reading from his script and roasting the other celebrities than Pamela Anderson. He’s a bit on the rough side and is excellent when it comes to cringe humor, but the viewer can tell he’s a bit uncomfortable. But hey – they gotta start somewhere, right? NEXT!

Next up is the always funny Nick DiPaolo, who just massacres just about everyone: Pam, celebrities, the crowd, viewers; no one is safe when this man steps on stage. If you don’t laugh when Nick is on, you should seriously consider a lobotomy. I won’t reveal any of his lines here; you need to go buy the DVD and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Next, we are graced with Bea Arthur. Yes, THAT Bea Arthur. Bea takes a stab at Anderson by reading excerpts from one of Anderson’s novels. To have an older woman reading sexual escapades and talking about elicit, titillating events is pure brilliance. You’ve got to see it to experience the uncomfortable funniness of it all.

Jeffrey Ross is next, and his stabs at the high/drunk-off-her-ass Courtney Love is funnier than anything he has to say about anything else. Also, the pretentious antics of his are all too reminiscent of the late, great Rodney Dangerfield. ‘Nuff said

Andy Dick is next, the only person able to feel up Anderson (for obvious reasons) as he plays the role of Pamela’s plastic surgeon. There's not much more as Dick proves once again that Hollywood is certainly grasping at straws with their latest celebrity offerings.

Tommy Lee’s penis, er musical interlude is presented next by Adam Carolla, and I didn’t want to watch it at first, but it turned out to be a pretty good tune, although Tommy could use a few good lessons in lip sync 101. The music, however, is worth a listen.

It becomes painfully obvious that the bloated and high Coutney Love is on her last legs. She’s hit rock bottom and is going to die very soon. That's my prediction. It’s worth watching her slovenly antics throughout the DVD.

Sarah Silverman is cute and tries her best to be edgy. That’s about it.

Tommy Lee does his best to try to be funny but inevitably falls on his ass.

The writers saved the best for last. For the record, I don’t like female comedians. In my opinion, man-hating jokes and continuous jargon of menstrual periods only go so far after a while. But Lisa Lampanelli is a different breed of comedienne. She is super hard core, and I love her for that! No one is safe when she speaks at a roast or does her stand-up, and she is unapologetically brilliant! She takes swings at everyone, including celebrities who aren’t around and even at herself. She even had the hilarious Nick DiPaolo rolling around in his seat (see below). She makes racial jokes, sex jokes, gay jokes, anti-semetic jokes, fat jokes, and that’s just the beginning! She is easily worth the entire admission fee for this DVD, and if you aren’t a Lisa Lampanelli fan now, you will be soon enough!

The Pamela Anderson Roast is an unapologetic, fun-filled, 90-minute, uncensored romp into the private and professional life of one of America’s most prominent sex symbols. I've already viewed it 3 times, and it is easily worth your consideration. That is, if you can take a joke…

TOTH to the nice folks at M80!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'll have to check it out.

1:44 PM  
Blogger PeaceLove said...

I saw it when it ran on Comedy Central and it sure is a scream! I agree 100% about Lampinelli; she's a balls-out, 21st century Don Rickles. She also has a hysterical one-hour special that ran late-night on Comedy Central.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pamela Anderson looks like a guy dressed drag.

12:23 PM  

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