Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shirt Happens Review

You may or may not remember Criss Angel performing a variation of Shirt Happens on TV. Here's how it looked:

The performer is wearing a jacket, but no shirt. He turns away for a split second and when he turns to face the audience again, BAM!! He's wearing a shirt! If you saw this trick on tv, you know how good it looks. Wait until you find out how devilishly SIMPLE it is to perform!

Points to Ponder:

The shirt is a real, ungimmicked shirt. It can be completely examined! This trick can be done impromptu. Meaning you can set up secretly and perform it at a moment's notice.

Bonus Routines Included:

Angelo has included several bonus routines utilizing the same principle. Here's a few..

Color Changing Shirt - The shirt you're wearing changes color in a flash! Worried about showing your gut or ta ta's? This one's for you!

Vanishing Shirt - Yes, you can also VANISH the shirt off your back!

Dirty Shirt - Next time you're out to dinner, remove a stain from your shirt like magic!

Changing Room - This one is actually meant to be done in a clothing store changing room at the spur of the moment. It has the potential to DEVASTATE some poor soul. (View demo)

What's Included:

The .pdf downloadable manuscript (apologies to jer) detailing the performance and the very devious method. Clearly illustrated with photos. A short bonus video featuring the creator of the effect, Angelo Carbone! This is your chance to hear the inventor himself chat a bit about the effect and see him perform it.

All right. Now, with all the hype out of the way, what do I think? I like it. It's smart, it's easy, and best of all, it's practical. What's more, it's only $6.95.

You can purchase it HERE!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'm getting it now.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous jer said...

I think it is important to mention that the trick one would be purchasing from the link you provided is a download in .exe format. I didn't discover that until after going through the checkout process and recieving my confirmation email. Had I known this, I wouldn't have purchased.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Pyro said...

note that the Chris Angel variation IS NOT INCLUDED, the effect cannpt be preformed as discribed. Rather that turning your back, you have to lift a (gimicked) cloth in front of you, or step out of sight for a second.

I poited this out to fearson last week and am yet to recieve a reply.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Steve Fearson said...


Maybe you need to read the whole manuscript.

The Criss Angel version is described last.

Thanks for your support!

Steve Fearson

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Davis said...

I happen to think it's pretty clever. It's so easy, but has a good affect! I like it!

1:33 AM  

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