Friday, February 03, 2006

Amazing Randi & Penn Jillette Podcast

A new podcast features the proceedings of a conference devoted to scientific skepticism and political inquiry.

The Amazing Meeting is an annual science-politics convention hosted by the Amazing Randi, a stage magician and notorious debunker of charlatans and fraudsters, like yogic fliers and psychic healers. Speakers included Nadine Strossen, Randi, Carolyn Porco, Murray Gell-Mann, Penn Jillette, Michael Shermer, Leon Jarroff and others.




Anonymous jer said...

Thanks for the link.

I particularly recommend Richard Wiseman's talk. He has a particularly amusing magic trick that he designed specifically to be only impressive to magicians. Sadly you can't SEE it in the audio, but he explains it well enough afterwards that you'll get the idea.

Another magic related happening: Randi borrowed an unnamed Vegas magicians levetation table and levitated an astronaut. I'm not sure the details, but the table didn't come with the hoop, so Randi bought one across the street at Walgreens. The problem was though, either the hoop was too small or the astronaut was too tall, because Randi had to stretch the hoop into an oval to get it around the astronauts feet. Priceless :)

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