Monday, January 09, 2006

Time's a Bitch

Time catches up to everyone, and it blows ape! Even the most beautiful people in the world look like aged prunes left out to dry in the sun over the years. Take Kelly Lebrock. Remember her? She was that piece of ass in Weird Science that everyone swooned over for years. Then she married that cornhole Steven Seagall and got flushed down the toilet. Well, she divorced that douchebag because she got tired of getting slapped around for not doing the laundry and cleaning the toilets. She's ready to turn her life around now by joining Celebrity Fit Club. Tipping the scales at 175 lbs., she looks more like a tranny than a former hot actress:

Kelly LeBrock, 45

Claim to fame: Sexy spots in '80s movies Weird Science and The Woman in Red

Weight-loss goal: 20-25 lbs. "They wanted me to lose 35," says LeBrock. "I think that might be a little much."

Her vices: "Chocolate flourless cake and spaghetti."

Why she joined the Fit Club: "It's going to be empowering to show the ladies out there that it's okay to say that you're a little overweight and actually do something about it."

On her weight gain: "When you raise children, Mommy tends to be everything else other than somebody who takes care of herself," says the mother of three (with her ex-husband, action star Steven Seagal). "My kids are in a place now where I can concentrate on myself a little bit."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ravages of age. Oh well, 4 beers and I'd do her.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Babson said...

A pox on you, sir!

I was one of those who drooled over Ms Le Brock in her earlier, funnier films.

Thanks to that photo, many fond memories have been instantly destroyed. Not to mention the fact that if my wife finds out that I have been fantasizing over "that" while on the job, my life will be forfeit.

The pain, the pain...

4:46 AM  
Blogger MagicMafia said...

I'm also guilty as charged. She was "it" back in the 80s!

3:14 PM  

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