Thursday, January 19, 2006

Everyone's a Critic

It's easy for those who don't do the same thing you do to criticize it. It appears that I have one critic.



A little over a week ago, I posted that the Magic Mafia would be back and not so politically correct and less polite. In case you weren't privvy to the comments to that post, allow me to reprint them here:

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are so fucking lame. Like anyone gives a shit about your irrelevant opinions and half-assed insult 'comedy'.Comin' back with a vengeance, eh? What a legend you are to your little punk-ass friends. Wait I think I hear your mommie calling you to do your homework, mister mafioso...

7:31 AM

Dear Anonymous,

Allow me to defend myself, you bucket of jizz. Unlike you, you fat ham and cheese-eating faggot who forgot to disguise his IP address, I'm not some 7th grade girl who believes everyone has to agree with everything I say. I have an opinion and choose to share it. Why are you reading if you don't give a shit about my irrelevant opinions and half-assed insult 'comedy?'

So why don't you go wrap your 1970s rusted Chevy Nova around the nearest fuckin' oak tree.

Oh, and thanks for reading, cock in a Glad bag. My mommy's calling...



Blogger R2K said...



8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I mean it. That was great! Welcome back.

3:36 PM  

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