Saturday, December 03, 2005

Magic Blogs: They Are A Changin'

It cetainly looks as if the magic bloggers are beginning to realize just how hard it is to keep a blog interesting and entertaining (not only for readers, but for the writers as well).

The first blogger to take a break is Andster, my former blogging Magic Mafia brother, who has run into some personal problems and needs to take time off to recooperate. I wish him all the best.

Secondly, the Magic Circle Jerk has given over the jerking responsibilities to Magic Enigma, so I've updated my blogroll to reflect that change (now Sarcastic Magic Circle Jerk Enigma). My best wishes and luck go out to both Andy at MCJ and Magic Enigma.

Lastly, it appears as if Sarcastic Magician is also taking a rest from blogging as reported in his last post. I hope he reconsiders as he is one of the few who bring a smile on my face in this fucked up industry.


In the tradition of MCJ (the name, anyway), it looks as if there's a relatively new magic blogger on the block. I've added his blog to the blogroll as well. Pretty nifty posts there, so check out Magic Spank.



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