Thursday, December 01, 2005

ALIUN Dessimation

TOTH to my blogging brother, Andster, for the heads up on what shouldn't be such a big surprise:

After a year and a half of work on ALIUN, Ellusionist has decided not to release the illusion. I know this will come as a disappointment to many, but whatever you are feeling could be multiplied several times for the team at Ellusionist… we were looking forward to the release and we are the ones who put countless hours into the project.


As the project neared completion we became aware of a feature with ALIUN that might compromise the safety of the person using it. Before any Ellusionist-produced product is released, it is first evaluated by our entire staff in a physical, sit-down meeting. While primarily for the purpose of creative improvement, these meetings also exist to ensure quality and, most importantly, safety. During this period, we play devil’s advocate vehemently and we are very hard on the product.

A member of our team introduced a concern we had not thought of before in regards to safety and a certain mechanical part of the device. We were somewhat astounded that we had not thought of this issue before, and I immediately made several calls. We found that this piece did possess the unlikely yet present potential to cause physical harm to the person using it. Although it was unlikely (which is why we hadn’t thought of it initially) it was still possible.

After a final recent development meeting with our creative staff, Ellusionist has chosen not to release the effect. The absolute last thing I would want to see is one of our members or customers hurt by a mechanical device that we created— no effect, no matter how amazing it is, is worth that risk. In addition, our legal counsel could not green-light the project with a clear conscience.

Having to make that call was extremely hard for us, and tempers flared in the meeting as we realized we could not release ALIUN after all of our hard work.

Our apologies to all of our members, clients, and to the magic community who were expecting a great levitation to be released shortly. ALIUN is great, no question about it, but safety must take a front seat to everything and anything else. All I can say is that we are as disappointed as you are, but we are moving on with many, many great ideas and products to be released in the coming weeks.

Brad Christian

Click here for the Aliun levitation patent application.

Click here for the Aliun levitation demo video.



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