Monday, November 28, 2005

Magicians To Re-enact Miracles of Christ

Two magicians are set to re-enact biblical miracles such as turning water into wine and the feeding of the five thousand on Christmas Day.

The 'Magic of Jesus' to be shown on Channel 4 involves Barry and Stuart, two magicians from the show Dirty Tricks, carrying out a range of illusions inspired by the life of Jesus.

Channel 4 says the show, currently being filmed, is not intended to offend.

"One illusion might examine whether faith can apparently move mountains, for example," a network spokesman said.

The Scottish pair aim to prove that faith could move mountains with a trick filmed in a quarry.

Their version of the feeding of the five thousand will be staged in a football stadium.

Andrew Newman, head of entertainment at Channel 4, said: “It’s not the point of Channel 4 to make programmes that are bland and stuffy.”

The show will be followed by Tsunami: Where Was God?, in which a former Dominican friar will interview Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu survivors of last year’s disaster in Asia for their views on the tragedy.

This year’s Alternative Christmas Message will be delivered by Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef.




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