Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reminiscing: Product Review # 4

I came across an old review, which I wanted to revisit and inform you about because it's good and cheap. I checked the hyperlink and the product is still available. TOTH to Steve Pellegrino:

January 2005 Detailed Review:

The Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper effect is not a new one, but Steve Pellegrino has found a way to breathe new life into it. In Rippin' on Leipzig, by treating cigarette papers more like cards than cancercausing agents, the effect can now be done with a signed Zig-Zag, TOPS, or JOB paper and signed!

If you are not familiar with this effect, don't bother downloading it; you'd be better off purchasing the Stars of Magic and getting the original Leipzig handling plus some other great magic. Plus, you really need to have the book in your library as it is...

For the rest of you, the set-up takes almost no time at all, in fact you can prepare at home in advance so that you'll be ready for the venue. If you can spit, then the set-up work is almost done for you. The manuscript (in Adobe .pdf format) is very well detailed, accompanied by photographs of the handling from the performer's point of view, and boasts a handling that I have not seen before with a Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper. The cost? $4.95! Even if this offering sucked and was a total and complete bag of douche, there would be no room to complain as it's so damned cheap, but you really are getting something different and worth your consideration here. In fact, those of you (myself included) who have tons of cigarette papers lying around from Martin Lewis' Undivided (or possibly from other extracurricular activities), and realized that his handling may not be for you, Rippin' on Leipzig fits the bill! Plus you get instant satisfaction with a download link once you have purchased the effect.

Short Review:

Go without a pack of cigarettes for a day, get clean, and pick up some cigarette papers and Rippin' on Leipzig instead.



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