Saturday, August 06, 2005

Racial Profiling & Shooting Terrorists in the Head

Why is racial profiling a bad thing? Why does Mayor Blumberg of New York pussyfoot around the topic when talking about the safety of rapid transit commuters? More importantly, why are politicians (save for two) standing behind a tree whenever the topic is brought up? Apparently, bringing up a certain race or profile is frowned upon unless you are using it to try and get into college. Then, it's completely acceptable. However, when bringing it up in respect to the security of this country, you're a racist. When the FBI went after the Mafia during the prohibition era, did they go after elderly women? Did they pressure and take down black men? Of course not; they profiled Italians. Why should it be any different when it comes to Middle Eastern men and women when taking a proactive stance against terrorism in America?

Now that two politicians have spoken out in favor of racial profiling, an international group of police chiefs recently expanded its guidelines for use of deadly force, instructing officers to shoot suspected suicide bombers in the head. Details were printed in yesterday's Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, the guide recommends that if lethal force is needed to stop someone who fits a certain profile, the officer should "aim for the head." The intent is to kill the suspect instantly so the person could not set off a bomb if one is strapped to the person's chest, the newspaper said. Among signs to look for listed in the police organization's behavioral profile are wearing a heavy coat in warm weather, carrying a backpack with protrusions or visible wires, nervousness, excessive sweating or an unwillingness to make eye contact, the Post said.




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