Thursday, August 18, 2005

Aliun Levitation Exposed!

Congratulations to my pal and partner in crime, Andster (I taught him everything he knows, by the way) for digging in the dirt and finding the published patent exposing the above Elusionist levitation that has been on hiatus for the last few years. I won't stoop to stealing the link (I ain't no post whore, foo!); you'll just have to head on over to his site and check it out for yourself.

Congrats, Andster!




Blogger Andster said...

Why, thank you JB. You're right about teaching me everything I know. I still maintain that the month I spent as part of the Magic Mafia was the best thing that ever happened to me.


6:50 PM  
Blogger MagicMafia said...

I say that with the utmost humility and untruthfulness that you learned everything from the MM. You are truly a blogger extraordinaire!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how the patent app has to expose the Elevator 2 effect in order to describe his own. I paid the 3 bucks and got the full Doc with the drawings. Pretty much an instruction book on how to create and perform this effect. I dont understand what Ellusionist is taking so long for, as the materials and effect is dirt simple. Where to get a 9oz co2 tank though......

8:01 PM  
Blogger dave said...

Hey you found the site that we new everyone would. Cause the law says that all patents must be published so we were allowed to submit drawings etc that made cents,
which means we were prepared for the levitation to exposed of(in its false USPTO patent drawings and info.)Because of exposure reasons my patent lawyer made an agreement with The USPTO office to not expose of the unit and the importance of not doing so. the uspto understood the request and allowed the key parts of the levitation system to be taken out and allow false documents to protect the true workings of the levitation. Sorry to burn out your candles but I have been involved in magic for years and am 38 years old with a tunn of money and time on my hands allowing me to invent amazing things. You will not
be able to build this, I build them myself and I am a machinest, a carpenter, an electrician.
every part is precision made and no you cand use 9 ounce co2 on your back guys, try it buy one at walmart, their expensive you have to refill them, antheir biig, 15 pounds on yer back sticking out a mile. good luck.

Once youve waisted all yer money and time, call me, I am a nice guy
and would be happy to make you a deal on a custom made levitation unit.

Ive decided not to go exclusive with any magic company on the levitation, I am making way more money on my own.

ps did you really think we were that dum to expose the levitation
that simply.
call me once youve spent a tonne trying to build this false patent.
study the drawings even harder.

I'll sell you ONE
1-519-893-7197 call me!!

No hard felings, again sorry to burn everyones candle.

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yess.. dum (dumb) enough to not know how to write and spell well.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9 oz Co2 tanks do not weigh 15 pounds you donkey.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ever had a paintball gun? even 20 oz CO2 tanks only weigh a few pounds.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

Hey, I know you can purchase the ebook of the aliun for 3 bucks but im broke including on my paypal account. Is there any way we can trade? Ill give you the only updated version of david blaine mega magic (updated by David B himself) if you give me the aliun levitation pdf ebook. contact me and you can always see a list of what mega magic contains at my site by clicking on my name (Danny)or whil your at it we can trade it for any other ebook just as long as i get the aliun PDF...thanks

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous.
Why don't you give me a call.

Seriously man, call me.
Just want to hear how well
the building of Aliun
is going and how the big tank
is sticking out the back of your shirt. Also You said it was simple
to make. Where is your demo.
Guys like you are so fake
when it comes to magic.
Its guys like you who have ruined it
for the rest of magicians who would have loved to see thisget released.
I have chosen not to release this when it was suposed to because of
idiots like you who TRULY
screw it for other ohnest magicians
who would love to perform this.
PS I sold 23 ALIUN units at 1000 bucks each last week alone to respected magicians. I showed them exactly how it worked before they purchased it. And they were blown away that it was way different from the patent info.

So. Mr smarty pants. Where is your creative magic. All you can do is shoot down others ideas.
Where is your ideas.
This levitation will never be beat
by anyone in magic period.
It is the BEST!!!!!.
And If My customers are un happy
I guarantee a full 100% re-fund.
To date I have sold 112 units.
Everyone who purchased it could not believe what they have in hand.
A levitation with 120 degrees of angle SAFETY and the smoothest most silent mid air rotation that any one on earth has seen.

Their is no more room for levitations. The ALIEN is the end all Any time any where, instant and imediate automatic reset levitation in magic history. Sorry, but thats it.
Go a head anonymous post the most laime come back. We are waiting
Jack ass.Which means you, a donkeys ass!
I am through with this forum.
I don't have time to waist talking to kids like anonymous who DISRESPECT the magic community and
RUIN it for us ALL.
Everyone wait and Look for anonymous
rediculous come back post.
Cause he is that DUM(DUMB) to respond or he may be a coward.
Best of luck to all. And Sorry for the scooping down to levels.
But Someone has to speak up.
ME, Inventor , creator of
stunning magic .
lol, lol.
You have not gained any miledge
here buy speaking so imature like
anonymous. If anything you owe
your fellow magicians a huge apology.
Lets see what your reply will Be.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Magic Tricks said...

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3:46 PM  

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