Monday, July 04, 2005

A Little Perspective

Sometimes, it can take another's point of view to give us spoiled children a better perspective of just how wonderful we have it. When I say "us," I am speaking about those who have come to this country at some point in their generation and now use the same freedoms that the US Constitution has graciously bestowed upon them to belittle, complain, and protest against this country. Those who have lived here throughout their lifetime and never ventured outside the States find it rather convenient to complain about how bad they have it. Sometimes, it takes someone who has experienced the outside world to help put it into perspective for these clowns. Enter Penn Jillette.

Tip Of The Hat to John LeBlanc from his thought-provoking blog, Escamoteurettes for the following, which I find extremely appropriate for the birthday of the United States:

TV magician Penn Jillette is happy to be American - because every other country is "an absolute hellhole."

Jillette - one half of Penn and Teller - has travelled the world as part of the conjuring duo - but would happily take the US over anywhere else , despite the States' "lack of freedom." He says, "Every place outside of the USA is an absolute hellhole. As much as we can complain about the US's lack of freedom, I just can't stand when they force women to dress like Batman, when they leave little girls out to die. I mean, at least we address the issues of equality and freedom, which are not even addressed in a place like Egypt or China or India.

"Other countries are pieces of shit, so they have a holier-than-thou attitude. I think the most insulting thing you can say about anybody is that they're more popular in another country."


Happy 4th of July, children.



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