Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kreskin Shuts Down WOR Radio?

Kreskin May Have Shut Down WOR Radio With His Mental Abilities

The Amazing Kreskin’s mental abilities may have been the cause of WOR New York going off the air this week.

Kreskin was a guest on WOR’s Joey Reynolds Show and was attempting an experiment where he was going to make listeners feel like they were freezing cold, using the power of suggestion. After conditioning his subjects, he told them that they were all going to experience an arctic chill throughout their body.

After shouting, “chill out," WOR went off the air for at least 30 seconds, reportedly for the first time in the station's history.

After the station was back on air, hundreds of phone calls came in from listeners claiming that they experienced an almost paralyzing chill throughout their bodies.

Just for the record, Kreskin's mental abilities had about as much to do with the shutdown of WOR radio as I had the pleasure of being the sole ass eater of Jenna Jameson!



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