Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So, You Wanna Know, Eh?

"Mallusionist is proud to present the so-called secrets behind the card tricks, illusions, street magic, and mentalism effects performed by the worst magicians in the world. Ready to mystify yourself? You've come to the right place!"

Magic Mafia is proud to present the so-called wanna-be magicians revealing the so-called secrets behind real magic. They are:

Hank Houdini had some cards,
The first card was the ace of clubs
With an ace, ace here
And a club, club there
Here an ace,
There a club,
Everywhere an ace of clubs,
Hank Houdini had some cards,

And don't forget the ever-popular:

"For reasons too complex to go into here, it is suggested that the cups and balls not be performed with clear plastic cups."

Although I've known about this site for quite some time, these containers of douche juice should be punched in the face and be forced to eat Rosanne's ass in a steam room!




Blogger Nate said...

What morons. This is one of my favorites...

Apparently, invisible thread is n fact, "so thin that it can slip between the molecules of any other substance, cutting through steel as easily as through butter." Thankfully, the site warns you, so that you aren't "casually decapitate [d].

Whoever writes this kind of idiotic drivel has the intelligence of a wet carrot.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Presto said...

Do you, by any chance, think that is serious?

If you understand that it's not, and you still think it's crap, I can live with that. But if you think anyone really believes the "explanations" on the site, that just makes me weep for your low opinion of human intelligence.

Not that you're necessarily wrong in thinking someone might be that stupid.

--Presto at

10:29 PM  
Blogger MagicMafia said...

You know where I'm sitting right now? IN MY PLACE!

Nice to know that sarcasm is alive and well on the web. Thank you for your comments.

1:00 PM  

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