Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fetus in Indian Boy's Stomach

What's more interesting than the Hindu Rope Illusion? How about a motherfucking fetus in an Indian boy's stomach?

After a boy in Bangladesh complained of a stomach ache, doctors discovered a fetus in his abdomen. Apparently, the 4.5 pound fetus was 16-year-old Abu Raihan's undeveloped twin. Physicians at Bangabadnhu Medical University surgically removed it on Saturday. From the BBC News:

"Apart from the head, all other limbs of the baby were developed," (said Dr. MA Mazid).The condition is known as "foetus in foeto", or inclusion twin."In this case the foetus of the baby entered into the foetus of the boy and continued to grow like a tumour in the boy's abdomen," gynaecology specialists Nurun Nahar said.




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